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Malware usually comes from a malicious website or email if infected, your files can be encrypted, held for ransom, or deleted – before you even know.

Here are a few tips to keep your computer safe:

Use a non-admin account for everyday purposes

Create strong, unique passwords, and change them frequently

Never open email attachments unless you are expecting them

Don’t use public wifi for anything other than simple web browsing

Use ClamXav to scan for and remove malware and viruses

Avoid being a malware target in 2017 – here's how

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'Simple Spreadsheets' at Office Tools SIG

Apple's iOS 10 update is even more powerful, efficient, and secure.

Updating your iOS device is simple and safe, if you follow these easy steps:

Check of your devices qualify to use the latest update

Sync and backup iOS devices to your computer, Cloud backups don't count

Update your devices in iTunes for best, and most speedy results

Don't rush – your device will restart several times, be patient

– Don't interrupt the update, your device will tell you when it's done

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Updates to iOS 10 made safe, fast, and easy...

FY 17 First Quarter Earnings Release

Tuesday, January 31st – 4:00 pm CDT

CEO Tim Cook | CFO Luca Maestri

SEC K-10 Forms Release and analyst discussion

Listen to the live webcast

Saturday, January 14th –  1:00p - 3:00p

PoK-e-Jo’s BBQ Parmer Ln

2121 W Parmer Ln / Austin, TX  78727

GeoGO location

Tracking subscriptions is a pain.

This month Tom Weaver will share how easy it is to create a simple spreadsheet to track subscriptions, renewals – for frankly, any recurring event or task.

While this month's example will be for printed magazine subscriptions, the spreadsheet will work for digital subscriptions or anything else where you make payments far enough apart to lose track of them.  

This spreadsheet also helps when magazines move your expiration date in a month or two and hope you won’t notice.  (That happens a lot more than you expect.) The sample spreadsheet also has contact numbers for major publishers and a list of many of the magazines they publish.

Come early and enjoy some great food at PoK-e-Jos BBQ Parmer and visit.

Bring your friends – everyone is welcome – and it's free.